How Headway East Lothian has helped me

Nina-Jane Rae crop

Nina-Jane Rae ”I love Headways – magic! Going out for the day. Helps me with my communication – I couldn’t walk or talk and look at me now!”



Jan Hume crop


Jan Hume “I like the socialising, I’m able to speak to people. Sometimes we go out and go near the beach and have nature talks and make collages”



David Harrow crop


David Harrow “I look forward to coming to Headway twice a week, it gets me out the house.”



John Hogg crop


John Hogg “Coming to Headway has given me my confidence back; you lose it when you’ve had a stroke; they’ve helped me with my driving too. I like the socialising and how we can discuss similar problems”


George Blyth crop


George Blyth “I find I can discuss health problems such as having a stroke with people who have had the same”



Grace Porter crop


Grace Porter “They helped me fill in all my benefit forms. There’s no peer pressure at the groups as everyone has the same kind of problems and helps each other”


Gillian Maryniak crop


Gillian Maryniak “When I was in hospital I couldn’t speak or anything but coming out to Headway has helped my speech”



Kate Brown crop


Kate Brown “Everybody is as ‘doo lally’ as me, it’s a good crowd”




Myra Stewart crop


Myra Stewart “I like coming because I meet other people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet. Everyone is very helpful”



Claire Dunn cropClaire Dunn - Volunteer – “When I studied for my psychology degree in Glasgow, straight from leaving high school, I always said to myself that one day I would do some charity work. Give a little back to those who need it. However, something always got in the way; having to work long days in retail after graduating, social events, and just low motivation. Then I met my partner, David, who lived in Musselburgh. I continued to work in Glasgow, but spent my days off in Musselburgh. It was then that I finally decided to find a charity to work with. I visited the volunteer centre and was handed a massive file full of charities. I looked through carefully, and decided on Headway. It appealed because of my background in Psychology, so I thought maybe I would have some understanding of member’s conditions.

I started my first day volunteering at MECA in Musselburgh, where Headway have a drop in session every Monday afternoon. I met Joyce, and most of the members, and the rest is history! I began to build relationships and became a regular fixture at the Wednesday night meetings in Haddington.

It has now been 5 years since my first meeting, and I can honestly say that volunteering with Headway has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I have gained patience, understanding, confidence, knowledge, direction in life and most of all, I have gained many good friends.

So thank-you Headway, for letting me be part of your organisation, and for being part of my life.”